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Well folks, one of the things I enjoy doing is finding a GOOD turntable in bad condition (usually on Ebay, usually for around $50) and turning it into something sweet. In this case, its a Pioneer PL-600 (original version, not the remake) which is a AWESOME Quartz PLL table, suspended, very very low w&f . But it was/is dirty. And I mean dirty. Picture a car exhaust pouring over this for years in a damp garage...with mice maybe. LOL. even the platter is extremely pitted.


Well my friends, in a few short weeks (maybe less, I get OCD) it is going to be a drool table. Just wanted to post some pictures where I am at. How it arrived and the teardown.  I sold one of these not too long ago (really nice) for over $200 but in pristine shape they go for $400. Cool think is, it holds speed perfect and that's all I asked (had the seller check it). So with the electronics working, 80% of the battle is done....Oh..and it is NOT staying GREY




Teardown begins

Gunk in the gears and automatic tonearm belt needs replacing - ordered - looks like a black rubber


Going to clean the board and already fixed the on off microswitch (it was stuck ON)