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Which Soundcard of these should i get ( Music only)

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I have very limited choices where i live 


Creative Sound Blaster Recon3D 


Creative XiFi- Titanium 


Asus ROG Xonar Phoebus Solo


ASUS Xonar DGX Gaming Audio Card 


ASUS Xonar DX 



My Usage will be strictly for music , i have a 2.0 setup ( Edifier S2000V ) i dont mind spending the extra cash on the Phoebus solo , but from what i've read , they are best suited for surround sound than music , but would they offer better music performance than the ones i've mentioned ?


Which one should i get 

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The following I can attest to:

Out of the three Asus cards, the Xonar DGX is definitely the best one. It supports 7.1, while the others only support 5.1. The definition is also the best out of them.

The other ones are more geared toward gamers. The DX is more marketed to listeners who care more about clarity and definition.


The following I might need someone to piggyback on:

I'm more savvy to Asus cards, and I haven't tried Creative cards, but from what I understand, the Recon3D is actually worse, feature-wise, and quality-wise, to some on-board audio. I know for sure it only supports 5.1. By the sound of it, the Titanium is less than mind-blowing as well. I can't attest with much authority to the accuracy and integrity of that however.


I can only imagine that Asus is going to give you very good performance. They make the Essence STX, sometimes crowned one of the best cards you can get for anywhere remotely near it's Amazon price of $166 (as of Jan 4th). They make very trustworthy stuff, and people like me who are into awesome computer guts love them.


Again, I don't know much about Creative parts, so we may need someone to testify for them.


Either way, good luck, and enjoy whatever you decide on!

- NP120

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I have Creative Soundblaster Omni Surround 5.1 with surround sound. It has a number of options to improve sound, such as Surround, Bass, Crystalizer to improve mp3 sound in addition to usual EQ.

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^ i actually hated the crystalizer and surround bass and such on my recon3d that's in my aleinware m17xr4 it does emphasize bass but sound is too harsh and gives me a headache after a while 

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