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Effing Walgreens. Walgreens?


I don't have a lot of money, neither does my spouse. We're poor college students. She knows I'm particular about sound. This was the best she could afford. But before I get into that, I'll say that our big gifts were last year. This is only slightly relevant but it's awesome. I got a telescope, which I wanted since I was 3, my parents never bought me one. I got her the unsolved mysteries ultimate collection, which now sells for 500-3000 dollars. Usually 500. Epic gifts.


I bought hers for 289.00 and it turned out to be brand new. Currently the cheapest new one is 749.00 and used is 379.00 on amazon. Telescopes aren't cheap. So, this year we kept it cheap.



She got these at Walgreens. She knew they wouldn't be of the sound quality necessary to be a daily music player around the house. It was intended to be a nighttime thing for things like tales from the after now [spoken word] and ambient music.




I am extremely impressed with the sound on this thing for the price. It isn't audiophile quality, but it is good enough for music daily. It reproduces acoustic guitars re: Elliot Smith and Elvis Perkins beautifully. It is amazing with ambient like Eluvium and Aglaia.  


I am using it now. I have a regular plug-in system, but the Auxillary jack messed up.  Things thing sounds as good as the full speaker set. It's not incredible, but for what it is, it's very, very good.