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DAC/HD650 Newb

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How important really is a DAC going to be for me?

An opportunity has come up to buy this:



..with an Audioquest Cinnamon USB cable, $170 for everything.


I've already spend $400 on the HD650s and $130 on an amp - will the extra money make an immediately discernable difference to the sound?  Is it a subtle upgrade or will this thing make a big impact?

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Free pizza to anyone who replies.

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My reply..


Does the pizza have pepperoni?


Really, it is an operating DAC..did youthink you needed a DAC in addition ?


where do I get my pizza?

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Let me add to my prior post. Prior to that unit, you are dependent on whatever sound comes out of your PC. Unless it has a built in Hi Quality DAC, you are not getting all you could.


I myself have a hi-end system and was using a tablet directly into the system (3.5mm out to RCA's). The tablet (a surface) has a built in Wolfsen DAC. Then I added an AUNE T1 Enhanced DAC. Wow..what a difference. Better soundstage, fuller, holographic sound. Prior, it was a little flat. My system was built toward vinyl perfection so digital was like an afterthought. Not anymore. Best $159 purchase I made in 2 years.


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Wow ...promised pizza...waited by the door...Nothing...:(

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I'll do an audio pizza recording soon.

Sweet setup. Looks pretty badass.

I am going to buy the DAC. The yearning for that vision of the penultimate listening experience beckons like a lark.
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Thanks..the surface tablet works awesome for it...I don't use it for much else because I have so many damn laptops in the house...LOL...So its like a piece of audio equipment...LOL

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