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For Sale: Buffalo-II for repairs

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This Classified is Closed

For Sale:
Buffalo-II for repairs

Will Ship To: Anywhere

This wonderful DAC betrayed me and I don't have the skill to fix it.

Several local technicians didn't even want to take a look due to its complexity, so I'm sadly letting this go.

It turns on, but doesn't sing. There is a constant buzz/hum to it.

I know it's a bet, but even if the chip is toast it is still worth repairing, hence my asking price.

DAC has IVY-III output stage, the placid power supplies and transformers.

Voltage is set to 220v.

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The DAC will sell in Ebay for above my asking price, which says a lot about this bargain.

You are welcome to try and win it :)


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Sold for 230$.

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