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Denon AH D2000

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I have always wanted a set of these headphones and currently have the funds to buy a pair. I found and un-modified pair for $400 is this a reasonable price?  Can you recommend any headphones that will rival or in your opinion outshine the d2000?

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I think $400 is a bit too much, I'd say $300 - 320 is a good price for a used pair of D2000s. I haven't heard the D2000 but I own a D5000 and D600 and the sound signature is almost identical. The major differences are bass quantity which is more prominent on the D600 and the mids are a bit more recessed than the D5000. Both are great headphones. Another great bass oriented headphone is the V-Moda M100, you should check it out. 

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From doing more digging ive become interested in 

akg 550

soundmagic hp100

and of course the denon d2k


Any opinions

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