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Hi guys! I've been relying on other users' posts to find answers, but this time my issue is a little hard to find.

I recently celebrated my birthday, and I got mdr 10r's as a present( I know they should've gotten the 1r's for the same price, but eh). I really like the sonys, and I intend to use these headphones as an all purpose set. This includes home, mobile, and gaming use.

However, the problem is with gaming. I saw the boom pros and they seemed like the perfect match. BUT! The 10r's input jack is very deep. So deep that it seems that only the included cables fit. How can I get normal 3.5 mm cables(the sony cable is 3.5 mm, but the casing of the input cuts in width to fit), like the boom pros, in the 10r. Is there modding required, or is it impossible?

Thanks for your time and response! I really appreciate it.