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Shoud I Buy From This Guy?

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First off, sorry for bringing business into the Lounge, but this looked like the only place to post this.


I posted some headphones for sale and I finally got a reply. The only problem is that this guy has  been on the forum for almost 2 years and only has 3 posts, and all of them are trying to buy something. His avatar picture is changed, but his profile is mostly blank. He has no feedback and seems like a scammer (kinda like me, with only 29 posts and no feedback, but I obviously am not :)). Or, he could just be some guy who is trying to buy some nice headphones, but no one wants to sell to him. 


I know that selling is less riskier than buying from an unknown, but it still kind of scares me. I know what to do to ensure a smooth transaction, i.e. don't ship until you receive payment, track and insure the package, and ask for a signature, but I REALLY don't feel like getting scammed.



So, if you where in my position, would you sell to him or pass him up? 


This is his profile: http://www.head-fi.org/u/293285/drcommander


And my classified: http://www.head-fi.org/t/697048/like-new-ultimate-ears-900#post_10124883


Again, sorry for posting this here, but I hope y'all can help me out.

                                                                                                                        Thanks! - Kris

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Ask him if he has any other feedback trading online, like heat or eBay.

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From my experience, I have sold 5 things to people all with <100 post count, most <20, and I think all had 0 feedback at the time. 

All 5 sales went well. 


Maybe I was lucky, maybe not. 

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I would be more likely to do business with a member that has been lurking for 2 years than a member that has thrown out 25 trash posts in 2 days just so they can get past the newbie PM limits.

You could ask for his phone number and call him. And make darn sure you have described the product fully and that he acknowledges that he understands what he is buying.

As long as you get payment prior to shipping, I would probably do it - but it's ultimately your decision. If you feel it's not worth the risk, then don't do it.
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Thanks guys! He said that he waned to buy them so I will be emailing him my PayPal soon. You made a good point BillyBob about 2 years versus 25 trash posts. Soon, hopefully, he will get some UE900s and I will get some V-moda M100s!

Thanks a lot! - Kris
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