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Winter Meet 2014 Westerville ohio (north columbus)

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Lets do this again  


So this is my official thread for my Fifth meet in Westerville, Ohio.

Rules and regulations or SOPs for this meet

  • This is a private Home and the place that I live, Treat it as such and how you would like to have your guests act.
  •  Alcohol is definitely permitted but be over the age and be responsible with it
  • I will not provide you food and drink so either bring your own or money, where i live there are more then plenty of places where you can order from or go to (good places).
  • Other peoples gear need to be treated as if it was your grandmothers, do not drop, bang, slam, mess around with things that are not yours if you would like something changed or what not, please ask the owner. 
  • Please be respectful to all that are here not just the host.
  • I have huge patio so if you smoke take it outside.
  • Plan on having an awesome day with music and fellow nerds/geeks.
  • as an added bonus there will be very high speed wifi available for use as well.
  • You do not have to bring a lot of equipment a simple amp or laptop and your headphone is fine. Everything is welcome though.
  • If you can please car pool as I have limited parking
  • The date will be THE 22nd Feb 2014.
    Time for the Meet is 11am till 8-9pm or later
  • If you are interested please IM me directly with what you are bringing and your first name, and you will get the address. i will update this post with the list.
  • Please let other Ohio people know about the thread





01 lord_tris - Asgard, Bifrost, Yamaha S2500 player, HD580 w/custom se cable and dual 3pin balanced HOST


02 jshaffe - HE400, Dt880, an equalizer, Starving student, and udac2 address sent


03 FunyunBreath - HD650, T90, Bottlehead Crack w/ SB, Aune T1, Ross Martin PCM1794 DAC address sent


04 EeePee - HD600-650-700-800, Sony Sacd, DNA Sonett, Schiit Mjolnir Can get here with eyes closed


06 First Gen Hun - Vali, Magni, Modi, lstn fillmore all ready there


07 Punnisher - SR325i, K702, k601, K240 sextett mp, DT880-250, ESW9, Torpedo, O2 desktop, 

DIY 24/192 audio streaming appliance with HTOmega sound card  Can get here with eyes closed


08 KrunchyLex - Valhalla, HD650, Maybe bifrost Can get here with eyes closed


09 BLACKENDEDPLAGUE - Grado Sr60, some IEMs.


10 gibosi - HE-300, GD Audio Fun Can get here with eyes closed


11 AxelCloris -  Light Harmonic Geek Out EM, FiiO E12 and V-Moda M-80 address sent


12 DVass13 - Fiio X3, Fiio E12, Modi, O2, Beyer DT 770 (250 ohm), Senn HD700, AKG K712, Hifiman HE-500  address sent


13 TIM - Sony 777ES, Arcam Rdac, April Music Stello U3 ddc, M2tech Hiface ddc  getting a ride


14 Prodeje79 - HD580, Modded ath ad700,


15 Audio Technica - Beyerdynamic DT990, SCchiit Magni/Modi stack address sent




1 JupiterKnight

2 BobsYourUncle

3 DocHamm



Not able to make it

16 KimChee - 3G arrow tf10 and jh16 

10 Kent Nova - RP3,Lyr,AKG 712,Sr80

05 Zub-a-Roo - Monster power HTS 5000, Denon 2900, PS Audio Nuwave DAC, Darkvoice 336i,
Sony MDR2000, At M50s, AKG K701, Denon 2K, Sennheiser HD650   address sent

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Awwwwww yeah, count me in

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Originally Posted by FunyunBreath View Post

Awwwwww yeah, count me in

you're counted ;)

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Put me on the list.  :ph34r:


Good job picking a Saturday.  As then, I am not bound to a bed time.  


Anyone got a spare HD 800 cable they don't want so I can make it a balanced cable for the Mjolnir?

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Everyone has been added still waiting on gear selections from someone though...

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By the way, If someone wants to bring chips this time around I could make some bad ass cheese dip to devour whilst we listen to music. I would think 2 bags of of tortilla chips and 2 bags of Frito lay scoops will be more then enough.

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We need quiet foods, not loud crunchy chips.


Think, man!  Think!

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Haha doesn't matter you'll just crank the volume up smily_headphones1.gif
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Originally Posted by Eee Pee View Post

We need quiet foods, not loud crunchy chips.


Think, man!  Think!

Then you get a Spoon!!! that should be quite enough.

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This is shaping up to be a fun collection of toys... Tools? nope, definitely toys, being gathered. #gonnabeawesome
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Hey Jason, you get in contact with any of the regulars?
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The pm's have been sent just waiting for responses 

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I love this, and one of these days there's going to be one when I'm *not traveling. Though that's not often. Thanks for the continued invitations and keep em coming.

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I'm going to try and make it, but I can't confirm just yet. Have to see what work says. And if you guys want to sample a Super Duper Geek at the meet there's a link in my signature to help me win one. Requires Facebook to vote. We're in the last 5 hours of the competition and I still have a bit to go to win. /shameless plug.

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I never get the notifications about new threads in the Ohio Head-Fi forum.  Otherwise I'd have already been on that list.  I'll be making an appearance again, though.  I might even have something new this time.  Otherwise I'll have my usual modest amp and cans as well as the turntable setup.  If you missed listening to records last time, be sure to give it a listen this time.


I'm curious to give the Vali a listen this time.  I'd imagine it's mostly hype, but Schiit stuff has always sounded good in my experience so I'm still curious.

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