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[Interest Check] Head-fi meet in India

Poll Results: Preferred Location

  • 13% (3)
  • 34% (8)
  • 52% (12)
23 Total Votes  
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This is for the interest check to have a meet in India by Q1.
All are welcome to share the suggestion.
Vote for the poll.(one can select more than one)
And share ur preferred date or time period.
If possible share ur rig.
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I have voted my preference.

Preferred date end of jan or first week of feb
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no one interest in head-fi meet?

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i am willing for a meet in delhi

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Delhi / Gurgaon if possible.
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I could do Chennai.

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I can do Chennai

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Thanks for ur interest.

i am alos interested to have big meet in delhi. but it will take time.

i asked another member to initiate steps to have a meet in delhi.

mean while i wishes to have a get together in chennai.

my preferred date is 2nd, feb, Sunday.

what about others preferred date.

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I'll be out of TN for two months, so my participation in not sure but please update me when you guys finalize the date and time so i'll try to attend the meet if i can make it on time.

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It would be great to have a meet in India, I have never been to one in India before so keep me in the loop.



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lets skip delhi / chennai and all meet halfway? hahah Mumbai it is :)

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i vote for delhi

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Dear pals,


Since it seems that we're yet to have a clear winner for the location, I have a proposal; why don't the Delhiites meet in Delhi, and the others likewise in their own cities, for now? Just get to know each other and their gear, and their preferences as regards to music, listening habits etc etc.


I hope this shouldn't be too difficult for us modern day urban Indians to spare some free time for our head-fi interests.


So I thought I'll start by sharing pictures of my poor-man-rig I'll be bringing if we do get this organised :)








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which are those headphones besides sennheiser hd558?

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Originally Posted by vaibhavp View Post

which are those headphones besides sennheiser hd558?


Those would be the Philips Citiscape Uptowns.

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