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Introduction and help with first headphones - Sony MDR7506's

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Hey head-fi,


Threads about the 7506's have been posted in the millions on the internet, but I still have questions about my first set up. I'll say what I need and for what purposes. 


1) I bought the MDR-7506 on December 22nd, and so far they have been spectacular, at least to my standards, considering the highest quality phones I have had were the stock Samsung ear-buds that came with androids and cheap noise canceling over-ears, I'll say these are a step forward. I intentionally want studio headphones because:


2) I have filming and editing classes in my school, which require top notch production. We compete in competitions all over Connecticut and need accurate sound to perform well in competition. All editing is done on Macs in Final Cut Pro X. These phones so far sound good.


3) I also do want to have portable amps. I do need enlightenment since all the information out there is confusing. Does it make a difference? Do I need it for these phones? How loud can I play with decent quality, and how low? Does it provide a large improvement in the representation of my music, and is it just in certain frequencies? 


4) Lastly, I want to ask about competition. As compared so many times all over the internet, I'm tempted to return the 7506's and get the ATH-50. It didn't hurt to see http://www.youtube.com/user/marquesbrownlee fantasize about it in every video, and for a modest price increase it isn't out of my reach. Oh, and my budget. Returning the 7506's would fetch me $80 - shipping: $70. Right now it's looking at around $100 but I'm willing to save to get some higher quality monitor headphones. Closed ones, I forgot to mention. I'm open to pretty much all the suggestions anyone is willing to throw at me.


5)  Oh, and the music I usually listen to would be alternative metal and rock, electronic, and a little bit of pop and rap, if that helps at all. Accurate sound reproduction is still by far first priority as opposed to making music sound good, and I would rather enjoy listening and figuring out if tracks are recorded well or not. Again, reason #2 on the list is the most important function for my headphones.


Thanks for all the future feedback!

- Dan

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I don't think either the 7506 or M50's would benefit much from amplification.

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I also have my budget changed. It's now +/- $300. It's kinda drastic so I can expect lots more options, and I'm considering open ear as well as to have more accurate listening.

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Well if open headphones work for your situation, then they are probably the way to go for sheer accuracy. Unfortunately, due to my current living situation and nocturnal tendencies, I have limited first hand experience with open headphones.


That being said, the Beyerdynamic DT 880 is often praised for it's highly analytical signature. And being that I am somewhat familiar with the Beyerdynamic house sound and the comfort of their products; I think I could potentially recommend it.


However, this headphone needs a good amp to run its best. You mentioned portable amps... which I don't have much experience with.


On the other hand, if you are a film student, I find it surprising that an open headphone would fit your needs at all. My sister is a film student and she needs closed headphones for field monitoring. When recording audio in the field, it is very important that what you are monitoring doesn't leak back into the microphone, even if you are using directional microphones. I think most of the industry uses closed phones for this purpose. I see a lot of film crews using the Sony MDR-7506's actually and similar phones like the Sennheiser HD 380, Shure SRH440, Shure SRH840, or Audio-Technica M50's.


All of these phones can run without dedicated amplification, which would be nice for film. Imagine your portable headphone amp going dead in the middle of an important shot with available light running out! :evil:


Hope this helps.

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