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New cans for LG G2

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Hi, new to these forums and looking for some advice - just bought an LG G2 phone and have Deezer premium+ app so I'm looking for a new set of headphones, pref on ear, which will mainly be used at home and around house but work away quite a bit so they'll come with me 'on tour'.

I listen to a wide array of stuff and want best sound quality possible for about £100?? Did a very brief audition of AKG K490NC, AKG K451 and Audio Technica  ATH-ES55 but none really impressed although it wasn't exactly a relaxed atmosphere.


Any help would be appreciated.

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some popular on-ear headphones right now are sennheiser amperior & momentum on-ear, beyerdynamic dt1350, and v-moda M80 so you can start your research there.
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Thanks for the reply....you musta missed the £100 budget though!

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