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Following below are the list and timing for when I would like my new headphones including budget and what I will will be listening to and for the amount of time they need to be able

to handle being comfortable for listening to the items listed.



This also is for my next build which will be when Skylale releases due to me programming and I would have a good advandge of having the support for  Usb 3.1, Pci -E 4.0, Sata Express and DDR4 for my programming rig. Skylake will be released at the lastest in May 2015, so this is to have good headphones for this rig and I would like to last this rig's lifetime which is 3

to 4 years, most likely 3.


List of Requiremenmts

1. Headphones -Budget $500

If the budget is over my $50 or so that's fine and  in addition this is not including tax just the retail value if on sale at a Canadian retatiler that's a bonus.

2. Long programming hours, so I need to be able to wear the headphones for up to 24 hours straight without any issues due to comfort and maybe even a little longer.

3. Needs to have a straight frequency curve no increasing the musical bass or highs in any way, all of my music is the highest converted flacs I can get so don't worry

about the media sound .

4. Need it be not leek the music due to living in the basement of my parent's house and may listen late at night.

5.Need the headphones to be very low latency when changing for a very high vocal pitch/range to a low pitch/sound this includes instruments too , due to some of the music

I listen to primarly metal and classic.

6.Need it be able to high with voice clarity in movies and anime, mostly tv shows like dramas and animes, some action

Music and Things I listen to

In order of requirement I listen to

1. Rock,Classic and Heavy Metal,Alternative Rock

2. Lectures on Various Topics Including Computer Science and Pyschology and Various Other Science and Literature Related Topics

3.Jazz and Other Forms of Music, mostly Jazz and Rock Country like Fleetwood Mac and Blue Rodeo

4.Dramas and Other Tv Shows and Movies

5.Anime mostly Action and Drama

If it's not as good for 4 and 5 on the list, that's fine but 1-3 our a must.