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Back, and still need help (In-Ear, Over-Ear, and portable player recommendations)

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After a few months on hiatus, I'm back, but still as clueless as ever. Mostly starting this thread as a way to try to consolidate the information from threads I've made in the past. I'll be updating the received recommendations section with any recommendations that I find interesting.

Without further ado, here's what I'm looking for:

In-Ear buds for the gym (Currently Using: New Balance 439 buds)


Not much behind this one: I'm just looking for some good, flexible in-ears that have good sound quality and are at home in a training environment, and could just as easily be used outside. I bought the New Balance buds from Best Buy a couple years ago, but I have a feeling like there's new, better stuff on the market that I'm not aware of.

Recommendations Received:

Budget: < $70

Over-the-Ear cans for travel (Currently Using: Skullcandy Aviators [~2012 Model])

Still looking for a new pair of cans after the Aviators mentioned developed a cable problem (which could not be repaired). They'll be out for warranty replacement, but I don't quite know if I should invest in a new pair of SCs with the half-off coupon, or look into something better (at around the same price). What I'm looking for here is good range, some kicky bass, and if possible, some sort of noise isolation or canceling for travel.

Recommendations Received:

Budget: < $200-$175

Portable Music Player (Currently Using: Samsung Infuse and Eclipse Replay-SL)


Got the Eclipse for Christmas from a friend, so I plan on using that in lieu of my phone (since the battery life turns to crap when playing tunes). This one's on here as I know that there are apparently some high-end portable music players outside the ballpark of iPods and rare Zunes. My big thing with this one is memory, since I would prefer to fill the device with lossless quality stuff that tends to eat through memory like Jabba the Hutt at an all-you-can eat buffet. I do not plan on using an amp with the player, as I would be using it to complement both of the above pairs of headphones, mostly the topmost.

Recommendations Received: iPod, Zune, FiiO X3

Budget: < $250

Thank you all, friends, for taking the time to read through this and offer suggestions :)

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I'm a little confused on why you need different headphones for the gym & travel. Why not just use IEMs for both? You could solve both with something like the Shure SE215. Personally, I find traveling with IEMs much more convenient than using either full-size or portable cans - and the noise isolation will be better.

Or, get some inexpensive Mee Sport M6 for the gym ($20) and then get some nicer IEMs for travel.

Lots of info on Portables & IEMs:
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What sound signature? Genres?

IEMS: Not my area of expertise

Full Sized:
Momentum On Ear-I'll have them soon, but I know they are bassy and very portable
ATH WS99-Bassy, but more balance, dark, warm mids, tightest fastest bass
UE6000-bassy, dark, isolates extremely well

DAP: Fiio X3 (that was an easy one)
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@BillyBob - Most of the reason why I want to get a pair of travel cans is because from what I've heard, they generally provide better sound

@ Trunks - Mostly rock. Some electronic stuff that requires nice bass

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