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looking for a $200 full size portable headphone

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Hello all, I am looking for a closed back full size portable headphone that has a detachable cable and is an around ear design. I also prefer it to perform well without an amp so definitely something with low impedance. The two models which most fit what I'm looking for are the logitech UE6000 and the sony mdr-1r. I listen to mainly rock, metal, hardcore punk, indie rock, etc...

I want the headphones strengths to be in the mids and highs as I am NOT a basshead by any means.

My source is a 32gb 4th generation ipod touch, in addition comfort is extremely important to me as I tend to have long listening sessions while at home.
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The UE6000 are significantly lower in price than the mdr-1r; I picked mine up for ~$75 a week or so ago.  They sound great when in passive mode, almost flat little heavier on the bass. When the noise cancelling switch is activated it turns on the NC/amp and the headphones get a treble and bass boost as well as volume. Good if you want that boost (some songs I've found it to be a little harsh, but not too severe, and others sound more "fun"). The noise cancelling isn't really noise cancelling but it does cancel out some road noise, but in no way should that discourage you from purchasing these. Works fine using my android phone (minus the volume toggles which only work on iPods). If you want to save some money, I'd say go that route. Innerfidelity ranks the MDR better (not by a lot) than the UE6000, but it also costs twice as much. If you have any more questions about the UE6000, go check out innerfidelity's review or you can ask me, I have them sitting right next to me (however, I'm no audiophile). 

Comfort is alright on these headphones too, I don't notice them after awhile. No issues with sweaty ears yet. They are a little heavy though and if you move your head too fast they may move a little. As long as you are not jumping up and down in them they will stay put.

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Thanks a lot I was actually leaning towards the UE6000 because of the big price difference, I think im going to go with them. I actually read the article on both headphones and I was impressed by both. I like the fact that you say they are fun, because I am definitely a fan of fun sounding and engaging headphones. I recently got the sony mdr x05 and they were way too bass heavy. I also have the ath m50 and while they are great they are by no means portable especially because of the long cable and need for an amp. Thanks again for the advice
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I was between the UE6000 and the M50s before purchasing them and I am happy. It's almost like you have two different headphones with the UE6000 by just flipping a switch. They run on AAAs and I've used the NC mode for over 20 hours and the batteries are still good too. They can be run in passive mode without batteries too (although one side is a tad heavier than the other if you take the batteries out). The cord is short, but a good length (I think 3ft) and I haven't tested out the in-line mic yet. One thing with the cord, when plugging them into the headphones you have to push and make sure it clicks and is all the way in there. I'm sure you'll be happy with them too.

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