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         Hello , recently my Bose AE2 headphones suffered a little damage , the material which surrounds the ear has been damaged ( probably by one of the too many kids running around the house this holiday ) and while i still use them i will probably buy a new pair.

I know Bose doesn't have many "fans" here but i will use these headphones to give you an idea of what I'm searching for.


          I bought the Bose AE2 because the sound was a big improvement from the headphones i used to have( I'm new to this higher end of the technology , not that i think my headphones were high end or even close but they are way better than the average headphones ), and because they were light ,  portable and very very comfortable.I'm a big fan of the AE and OE headphones from Bose because they are extremely comfortable.


           What i want from the next ones:

-to be around ear or on ear but very soft and puffy like the Bose OE , i don't like the pressure on my ears

-to be portable , I'm a student and i travel a lot , i have to be able to use them on my computer and on street

( i could give up on the portability for extra sound quality if you give me a really good option :) )

-i would be interested in a piece with noise canceling even though i know they are more expensive

-the budget has a cap on like 200 Euros

-and the most important thing , to have very good sound quality.


                   I may not be a huge audiophile but I enjoy y music,movies and games more than your average person. I don't know much about this domain so sorry if i sound a little " noobish".Oh , and sorry for bringing up Bose so many times :)