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New to Audio Setup, need help

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I've recently gotten into audio and whatnot and got a pair of Sennheiser HD 650s for Christmas and now today finally based on recommendations my Maverick Audio TubeMagic D1 Plus DAC w/ OPA627 OpAmp & GE5670W Tube has arrived and I'm a little confused about a couple things. First off, I have an iMac so there's not many options are far as output goes so currently I have the USB chord plugged in and feeding them through that. It also came with a seperate chord that I believe is used for Optical/Coaxial but I am not sure how to use it or what its functions are so if anyone can explain those to me that would be awesome. Is there something else I should be using or buying in order to get the best quality out of these (cablewise)? I have read that while USB is okay it's not going to give the best quality especially for 24/96 vinyl files etc..Also, the voltage options on the D1 are 110V or 220/240V, does that make a difference in anything?


I know I'm going into this somewhat blind but any help that can be provided would be really appreciated, thanks!

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Optical/Coaxial input on your DAC is just another form of input that it's compatible with. I don't own an iMac myself, so I'm not sure if it has that output. Either way, I think you'll be fine with USB. If there really was a difference in audio quality, it wouldn't be terribly significant at all.


As for voltage options, that's just to accommodate different voltage outputs in different countries. In America, the standard is 120V, whereas in other countries it's 240V. That just means that if you set it to 110V and plug it into 240V outlet, it'll blow. Audio quality wise, no effect.


Hope this helps. And please correct me if I gave any wrong info.

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Obviously I don't know what model iMac you have, but unless it's quite old, the 3.5mm audio in/out should both double as analog and optical S/PDIF. Most products use full-sized TOSLINK (optical) connectors, so you need a cable that goes from TOSLINK to Mini-TOSLINK (3.5mm). However, unless you're really displeased with the USB implementation, or just feel like experimenting, USB is almost certainly the better bet. You'll (probably - depends on the specific Mac model) only get 44.1, 48, 96 out of the TOSLINK port. The master clock is around 48 intervals, so there's some weird timing play for 44.1, which is probably most of your material. Again, I'd just stick to USB unless you're just feeling adventurous.


Note that I don't know much about the Maverick specifically (and their website isn't all that informative) - if there's something odd about its USB implementation, I suppose this is moot. But generally speaking... those are the guidelines I would follow.

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