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The Dido?  The can work as portables...  But they are a little large for on the go use.  Most people would elect to go with something smaller XD 

I'd take them out - about as obvious as my Ultrasone Edition 8's with all that bling but they aren't too heavy.  Not low profile like a M100 but not huge like my D600's either. 

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Cant wait for the full review!
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Holy crap dude, you have a really nice setup in that pic. How about a quick rundown of your hi-fi while we wait for your Dido impressions? By the way, where did you get those headphone stands and are they expensive?

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Originally Posted by DigitalFreak View Post

Holy crap dude, you have a really nice setup in that pic. How about a quick rundown of your hi-fi while we wait for your Dido impressions? By the way, where did you get those headphone stands and are they expensive?

Thanks for the comment - the system is a vintage Pioneer Spec-based rack system.  Based on the serial numbers all the main components were build in 1978 or 1979.  I have a Yamaha P-520 turntable on top, then TX-9500II tuner, Spec 1 pre-amp, SG-9500 Equalizer, CT-F1000 cassette tape deck (inoperable right now) and at the bottom, the king - the Spec 2 amp.  250 watts per channel but we had it running up to 310 wpc on a test bench when I was getting some work done on it before it began distorting.  Power I'll never use but it's very cool and sounds amazingly good.  Also have a Sony CD player feeding it, as well as an iPod Touch running through a NuForce iDo DAC feeding it digital music.  *The pic above was when I was feeding it with my laptop through a NuForce uDac2.   Use both headphones a lot as well as pumping the sound through those Cerwin Vega speakers you see - they are vintage as well from the mid-70's and just had them refoamed a month ago.  If you know of Cerwin Vega's, they are renowned for their thump and these, tho only 10" woofers, can rattle the windows easily. And the most fun part is on the left speaker is a Chase RLC controller which is a remote control that takes the one issue a vintage stereo has as a weakness to us lazy 21st century people out of the equation.  System sounds amazing with speakers or headphones. 


The headphone stands are Brainwavz - cost about $30 each and are great looking and do a good job of keeping the dust/dirt out of the ear cups. 

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My time with the Dido is coming to a close tonight, as I'll be shipping them off tomorrow to ourpfshero for his turn. 


I'll finish my audition review by first thanking my friend gelocks for getting this going and for Dido for joining in and offering up an audition unit.  Doing these auditions gives us all more points of reference which helps us decide on the age old question for most of us - what next?


The past few days I spent listening to these almost exclusively, with a little bit of time with my D2000's after I got the cups Lawton damped, mostly as a comparison to the Dido sound, since I know the Denon signature oh so well.


Again, the one complaint I continue to have is the pads - not quite large enough of an opening for my ears to nestle perfectly, yet not awful and really never felt pain or anything resembling what I felt with the original M100 pads or the Signature Pro pads.  So in a nutshell though, the Dido just does not fit comfortably as in it doesn't disappear.   Bending the headband helped the clamp, comfort as well as eliminating the "creaking" sounds I've read so much about.  That one "mod" if you could call it that solved any issue I could find with the headphone out of the box, with the exception of the pads. 


I was eyeing the pads, thinking if I could just remove them and try my spare set of Alpha pads in their place, it might make this close to a perfect headphone, but didn't dare.  The sound overall, when I was listening out of my iPod Classic/Arrow 3G combo while riding my exercise bike in the garage, was excellent.  Actually I think it sounded better out of my portable setup than out of the three vintage amps I tried.  Not that they sounded bad, the Arrow just had a great synergy with the Dido's. 


So for the $800 or whatever the street price is, I feel these are better than either Ultrasone Signature line (of which I owned one and auditioned the other) as well as better than my old Edition 8's due to the amazing bass.  The Ed 8 comfort wins hands down in this price range of the three Ultrasones I've tried. 


Do they compete with my D7000 or the TH600 I auditioned?  No, but to me nothing can compete with the Foster/Denon sound signature.  It is as close to perfect to me as I can imagine and I keep looking for other alternatives and likely always will.  It's part of being a Lean practitioner - small incremental improvements (kaizen) are always to be attempted, which is why I have my TH900's at Lawton Audio for his damping treatment. 


The Dido is a very good headphone, and I think after making the clamp tighter it really helped it seal better, feel better and not feel as if it would fall off your head if you made a quick move. 


Thanks again gelocks! 

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in my possession now.  The lt speaker was popped out of the metal earcup, but it snapped back in with a few minutes fiddling. It is held in by a plastic ring with tabs. plugging the cable in the lt earcup is fine, but is looser if plugged in to the rt earcup. Just updating on the condition. 


I will compare these to my "better" headphones, as well as a beats pro due to very similar looks and market these are after.

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Systems I will use. I am a gamer, so my main rig is my pc. Xonar ST (very sweet sound card, best i have ever heard) and a Sound blaster recon3d, I switch between cards based on my mood. 

For portable I use my Lg Spectrum 2, sometimes with a Xenos portable amp. 


My better headphones on hand are a Hifiman he-400, a Philips fidelio X1, AKG K550 and K612, and a sennheiser momentum.

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The most obvious comparison:





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They indeed look very very similar!

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Now that I've spent a few days with them:


Initial Impression: Well, it came with the left speaker/earpad popped out of the cup- I had to be very careful not to pull on the wires as I put them back together. The swiveling mechanism is a plastic ring with a few nubs to pop into place, not very confidence inspiring! (I hope its nylon and not plastic). Other than that, the fit and finish are top-notch. All metal and leather, they make the beats pro look frumpy in comparison. Small gripe- the cable retains its folds too much, it never hangs in place.


Fit: Comfortable enough, not quite circumaural, My ears get a little sore after an hour or so but not a deal breaker and to be honest, a lot of headphones do this to me. 


Sound: The nicest basshead cans I have heard. The bass goes very low, can hit hard, but does not muddy up the mids and highs. Obviously uses higher end driver technology. These can pound like a dj headphone, but never loses the audiophile quality mids and highs. The bass has texture and hits all notes. Also these are ez to drive from a portable source. 

These shine with rap/pop music. Macklemore's "Cant hold us" is just awesome with the Dido, the vocals coming through crystal clear as the bass lines thump. Also tried some Kelly Clarkson, her vocals came out nice and clear. 

Next up-classic rock and metal-my fave! - Tried some Journey, Ozzy, Blue Oyster Cult. Not being basshead type songs, these didnt fare as well. Turning the bass down slightly on the eq made everything great again. Guitar solos were very clear, but not quite forward enough for me. Modern rock groups like Evanescence, Within Temptation, and Gemini Syndrome fared much better. 


more to come :)

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A few comparisons to other headphones i have:



Headfiers generally pan anything from Beats, but the pros are actually quite decent, but very overpriced. Also, the Didos are aimed straight at the beats pro market. The Didos fit and finish is like a blinged Beats Pro. Sound-wise the Dido "beats" the Beats Pro on all fronts, though I wouldn't call it a slaughter. The Dido has better extension on both ends, slightly richer in the middle, and is easier to drive. Comfort is pretty much identical.



Now for a real challenge. The Dido still has better extension on both ends but the he-400 sounds slightly smoother, with better clarity. Using velour earpads on the he-400 (as many do around here) makes the he-400 a little better still. too close to call on the "better" sound, more of a listener preference at this point. I should point out that the hifiman is heavier than most but circumaural, also needs an amp.



The X1 compares very well to the Dido, but its and open vs closed comparison sound-wise. The X1 has larger soundstage and very good extension and clarity across the board, leaning toward bass, just like the Dido. Ths Dido has a smaller stage, and is more in-your-face and aggressive than the x1. The Dido thumps with bass beats, the X1 does not but still plays bass with authority. Again, depends on your mood. comfort is no contest, the X1 being more comfortable than most other headphones.



The m-100 is way over rated around here, the Dido is vastly superior everywhere but bass quantity and maybe toughness of build. 



The k550 has better top end clarity and stage with more refinement. The Dido has much better lower end and is much easier to drive. Very different cans aimed at different markets. 


all of these headphones i compared to the Dido have above average fit and finish, using metal and sometimes leather in their construction. They are the better headphones I have on hand, though I have had higher end cans in the past, i.e. Denon d5000, Fischer fa-002 woody, Sony mdr-cd3000, Sennheiser hd650, Beyerdynamic T70, Audio technica ath-w100. I can compare using my memory only on these if somebody needs a specific comparison.

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Thanks for the impressions and especially the comparisons! 


Updated second post with links!

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Great job!

Now lemme have a go already :P
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LOL!!! ;)

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