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Best DAP Preferably Under $100?

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I am in Canada and looking for a DAP for under $100, can go a little higher buy I don't want much more than $100 shipped or bought in stores. Keep in mind I have to buy from Canada or else i'll be hit with like $40 in duties...


I was looking at the Clip Zip rockbox'd for $50, colorfly c3, fiio x3 (was on sale for $129 :/), Sony walkman, etc.

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Go with a SanDisc Clip + Rockboxed  that's what I use and am completely satisfied, I use SD Micro to manage my library, swap out or trade with friends ect. 

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Also I have read all kinds of issues with the Clip Zip



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I have to admit, after having more expensive DAPs I always go back to my Sansa Fuze. I even have the Ipod 5.5g with LOD and flash-drive mod and my Fuze still sounds better.


The clarity, highs, bass and mids are really quite impressive on this little player. I do hear about the Clip, but the Fuze is more versatile to me and sounds a little better, being bigger, slightly more driving power and a little more overhead than the regular Clip. Oh, more capacity via micro SD.


Even against my 5.5g Ipod, which is no joke, the Fuze just sounds better. Don't waste your time searching, just get the Fuze and 2nd the clip.

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Sony E series has fantastic sound quality,much better than the Sansa Clip series in my estimation.


sure the Sansa can hold more music (with the addition of a microSD card),but for me sound quality is far more important than how many gigabytes my player can hold. besides i'm never that far from my desktop when i want to upload new music to the player. it's also nice in that it has two customizable EQ settings and is over twice the size of the clip players (which are tiny) so the Sony player is far less likely to be left in a shirt or pants pocket and end up going through the washing machine on accident.add to the plus side that they last ages.i've had mine since may  2009 and it still works like a champ.


make sure to pair it up with some decent headphones too,the included earbuds are an insult to the superior sound quality the Sony E series offers.new they go around $89 (for the 16gb model) i believe.and for the record I am not knocking Sansa by any means,they sound fine ,but still nowhere near as great as Sony.

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Hi sorry if i jump in, where did you find the fiio x3 at $129?Thanks :)

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Originally Posted by addsfsds View Post

Hi sorry if i jump in, where did you find the fiio x3 at $129?Thanks :)


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I would definitely consider the Sansa Clip its just so cheap that you cant really argue with it. Also, although I have not tried the Sony players I have always thought that it sounds quite good. One thing to keep in mind is that the clip sounds a bit dark compared to ipods for example. To some extent it may just come down to preference and matching of components. I thought it paired specilally well with my Grados.

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