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Hi Folks. I'm  a long time audiophile but new to the forums here. Currently I have a pair of HD595 that I use with my CADacmagic+ and NAD Viso HP150 that I use on the go with the Fiio X3. Recently I have fallen in love by distance with the Audeze LCD-2 but I have read a lot of reviews that they can be very finicky about what is being used to drive them. My Dacmagic+ is great headphone amp stage and I'm wondering if it would be a good pair with the LCD's. I haven't yet been able to find a review with the two being paired. Has anyone here used the two together and can give me some info or recommendations on the best pairing....(the Burson Soloist SL I have heard is a great pair but if the Dacmagic is suitable I could save the $$$)


Thanks for any help on the matter!