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Hi everyone!

I'd like to upgrade my currently 6 years old AD700 headphones which runs out from my Focusrite Saffier Pro 14 soundcard to something with a little more bass. My main uses are gaming (mostly FPS) and all kinds of music (most of the time it's movie/game soundtracks, occasionally blues, some high bpm metal like power metal, but the focus is on the soundtracks).

My lineup is the following.

I'm far from being a basshead, but I've recently listened to the DT770 and I did not find them so bass heavy that everyone 's talking about. Compared it to the AKG K518, now those hurt my ears.

The DT880 Pros (250 ohm) were very nice, but sadly in my country they go double the price of the DT990 Pros and I can't justify the price.

I'd like an open headphone, because I usually voice chat with my friends late night and I like to hear my own voice without being muffled.

Any other options beside those mentioned, recommendations. Advice from the more experienced? smily_headphones1.gif


EDIT: forgot to include my budget which is around $200-$250.
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