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Philips SHL3300 Review

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I've consolidated this thread with the one I created in the full-size headphone forum.


Please continue discussing these headphones over there.

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Please refer to the Philips USA Product Page for pictures and specifications in the meantime, as I am not yet permitted to post pictures on the forums.


They were mentioned a while back in the "discovery" thread by another member, who remarked that the sound quality outperformed much more expensive headphones. My experience with these headphones is in agreement with these sentiments.


I can't say enough that these headphones are amazing and a must-try. Even at full price they are an absolute bargain.

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I have a lower grade model, Philips SHL3000, while its not a momentum, its quite a good phone with strong bass (street DJ as Philips call them).

This new model seems to be of much higher price and quality and design seems to very nice as well. Pity that Philips midgrade and low end is not as popular as JVC or other models. 

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Head-Fi'ers in Australia should note that these are on sale at the moment at Target for $49. Harvey Norman and Dick Smith also carry them, and should be able to price match.


Absolute no brainer to buy a pair to try at that price, although Harvey Norman may have them available to demo at some retail outlets.

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