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Currently have what the title says, M100 + E12.


The bass is a bit disappointing unless at very very high volumes. Perhaps I am expecting too much, but I can't really "feel" the bass unless I do get it to 80-100% volume levels. So far this issue is mostly with EDM/Techno. The E12 is either plugged into my laptop or Galaxy Note 3. 


I've been trying to research on here, and saw things like impedance adapters, cables, other accessories that may assist me.


I got the headphones for $91 new, so I am willing to spend some money to improve my experience. Was the e12 the correct device to pair with the M100's? I have the option of returning them I believe.


(Was not sure which forum to place this in, as I am hoping for assistance on cables I placed it here. My apologies if I was incorrect.)

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