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I had these head phones for over a year now and am still very pleased with my purchase. I know that these have been known to be bass heavy (and a little sloppy), but my bigger pet peeve is the treble in the higher ranges. It is really harsh and fatiguing for some music and I feel like this has been becoming more of a problem lately. It is much more prominent when I unplug it from my Cd player and go for walks. (I use a portable music player for my walks)


I have been playing around a little bit and got a few Ideas from other threads that cleared up the sloppiness in the bass, I even feel it helped the bass extension. What I did was stuff the inner pieces of the ear cups with some soft material which lifted the drivers away from my ears a little bit (it also made the the treble harsher). The headphones are back to normal and now am trying to think of a way to decrease the treble harshness.


Anyway I'm happy to receive any comments or constructive thoughts on this matter.