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Haunted Disco by Matthew McMurry

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Here is my friends new project. Tell me what you guys think. By the way you can download his music in FLAC!!!!!

Here is the link: http://haunteddisco.com

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Sounds pretty good. A little soft for my taste but I still enjoyed it. I think your friend would appeal to quite a few people because of the mixes in genre of music. People really seem to enjoy mixes of genre in electronic music such as rock, reggae, rap and all sorts of other stuff. Just look at two skrillex's biggest hits, kyoto( which is basically electro/rap) and make it bun dem which is electro/reggae. But back to haunted disco. You friend does definitely seem to have mixing talent but none of his songs seem to fit into any genre of music that I know of. That makes it that much harder to sell or promote your music if you cant appeal to an audience in a certain genre. If it where me i would probably go more with a little bit of a harder synth line and kick it up to more of a electronic standpoint. Then you can mix in other genres and people will love it just like skrillex's stuff. I am not saying that there is anything wrong with your friends mixes, I am just giving you my opinion. Peace!

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