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Hi all,

I'm looking for a new pair of IEM's. In the past I have only ever owned IEM's that come with smartphones etc, and I'm currently using a pair of apple earpods as my main headphones so just about anything would be an upgrade.


I'm looking for a pair of sub $120 IEM's that have good clarity and are mostly balanced across the frequencies. A slight controlled emphasis on the bass wouldn't hurt but I'm by no means a bass head and wouldn't want it to subtract from the overall audio quality. I am looking for a clear and refined sound that could be used with a wide range of music comfortably. I listen to all sorts of stuff but my particular favorites are Coldplay and some of the songs found on the mixes here:

Sound quality and clarity are first and foremost but I don't want anything that is too lacking in terms of soundstage or warmth.

On a side note, I'm not a fan of over the ear fits.


I've read through a lot of the 307 IEM comparison thread and a few things have caught my eyes. The JVC HA-FXT90 and the HiFiman RE-400 seem to suit my requirements but I have heard bad things about the longlivety of the RE-400's jack and don't want to have to constantly send them back for replacement. Is there anything else you would recommend?


Thanks in advance!