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beyerdynamic dt770 80 ohm VS v-moda m100

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So i am upgrading from sony xb500's and am down to these two options. I want headphones that still have significant bass but are more refined overall than the xb500's. I will be using them with my smartphone and laptop.

I would use a portable amp like the e11 with the dt770's wich brigns them both to about the same price so that isnt really a factor.

Would love to hear any opinions as to which is better or just the differences between the two, thanks.
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The DT770's have velour earpads, which sounds trivial, but the comfort of velour earpads > any leather/pleather pad ever. IMO.

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Good basshead dog fight right there!! ;)





The DT770 are more durable with a solid design with very few moving parts! the parts are also replaceable. The M100 are quite solid but cracking wing plates and cups are a common issue with the M100 and the cable suffers from issues time after time. The M100 is a bit uncomfy after about an hour they feel like a vice and the cup design doesn't help. The DT770 are very comfy and lot's of space for you ears to breath!


In terms of sounds both are bassy headphones, The M100 has a deep bass that preforms pretty well but sadly the Mid range becomes a muddled mess from the amount of kiss these things kick out so tracks other then EDM will sound like it's coming through mud at times. I really enjoyed the Bass though, great fun! The mids lack detail and are really un enjoyable to me. The highs are nice on the M100 non fatiguing but lack detail and sparkle.


The DT770 has a deep, punchy bass that get be very powerful amped even with a cheap amp. They are more balanced than the M100 in the mids and highs. The mid rang on the beyer is nice and detailed although they are a tad less forward. The highs are sparkly and give a sense of good detail too and they are very lively and musical; very fun phone.


Overall I think the DT770 is muchhh better value and just a better headphone than the M100. If you want just Bass the M100 is a good buy but at the price it's kind of a rip off at it's current pricing. They are good though but lack that Fun and musical sound apart from the Bass.

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