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For Sale:
FS: (US) Superlux HA3D 3 Port Portable Headphone Amplifier

Will Ship To: USA

I have a like new Superlux HA3D 3 Port Portable Headphone Amplifer that I would like to sell. If you dont know about this unit its pretty darn cool. It can easily drive three 300Ohm cans at the same time with it. Very cool for listening parties with a group of friends. You can plug a source into this unit and each of the three connected headphones can adjust their own volume port. Very cool. Also useful for comparing headphones to one another as they can share the same source and be plugged in at the same time. So all you have to do is switch headphones to do A/B/C comparisons. Ive only had it for less than six months. Sound great, nothing wrong with it, Ive just since upgraded and wanted to move the funds elsewhere. Only the unit and the box is included. I lost the internal packaging, so Ill just wrap it in foam and bubble wrap inside its box.

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