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Originally Posted by yinon123 View Post

And I Think/Afraid That The Fake Beats Solo HD It's So Much Worse Than The Original

It's actually about the same sound. It's not hard to imitate the sound of Beats... 

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I Send To You The Link To The Website Sells Them On 119.99 $ On Private Message
I Would Be Happy If You Enter To The Link And Tell Me If You Know If They Original Or Not.


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Dude, use google. Search for "[name of website] fake beats" or something like that. You can figure this out on your own, and nobody here will be able to tell you without doing the same search, because nobody here buys beats. 

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Know What Because I've Heard So Many People Say These Headphones Are **** And You Say There Is So Much Better You Convinced Me But I Want The Same Things Like Not Much Bigger Pretty Much Like The Size Of The 'Solo HD' Microphone, Volume Control.... Required : Worldwide Delivery Because I Do Not Live In The United States

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You got a couple good recommendations on this thread, namely the first post and the V-Moda M80's, M100's, or LP2.


There's also the AKG K545 that has inline controls.


If those don't work, then get the Beats, no need to buy a pair of headphones when you really want something else.

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Hey Again, Sorry For The Interruption
What About This HeadPhones Sms (50 Cent HeadPhones) ?
Are They Recommended ?
That Are Better Than Beats By Dr. Dre ?

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