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If you guys had to choose between the Topping VX1 or the Magni/Modi stack with splitter what would it be?

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do you want the option of speakers? If you only want to use headphones then go with the Magni/Modi stack.
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Originally Posted by Arsis View Post

do you want the option of speakers? If you only want to use headphones then go with the Magni/Modi stack.

Well I was considering running a splitter on the Magni/Modi stack which will give me that option.

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Originally Posted by BabylonDown View Post

Well I was considering running a splitter on the Magni/Modi stack which will give me that option.

My understanding is that the Magni is specifically designed as a headphone amp.
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Originally Posted by vertical View Post

My understanding is that the Magni is specifically designed as a headphone amp.

If that is indeed true than I have an easy decision to make. Anyone confirm?

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Im trying to decide between the Topping VX 1 and the Teac Ah-01. I would be using this to listen to pandora and mp3s on my computer.


This is Cnets review of the Teac Ah-01 since there are not many reviews of the Teac amp.




This is Teac's description of the amp and is available for $300 from multiple retailers although it had a list of $600 some time ago.


"TEAC's A-H01 combines a high-quality D/A converter with a stereo amplifier to create a compact audio system for your home or office. Five stereo inputs are available – 2 analog and 3 digital format. The Burr Brown digital-to-analog converter supports high-resolution sample rates up to 192kHz/32-bit. The USB 2.0 input can be used with your Mac or Windows computer for audiophile-grade music playback of your music library. It's ideal for playback of FLAC, WAV, Apple Lossless and other high-res file formats. 

The A-H01's connects to speakers through a B&O ICE power stereo amplifier providing 50W per channel. Heavy-duty, gold plated binding post terminals connect to speaker cable of any thickness. A subwoofer pre-out is provided for extra punch, and a great-sounding headphone amp for private listening. "


Since the speakers are going to be placed on my desk and on either side of the screen, I would be using them at a moderate volume.


I intend using the dac/amp either with Mirage OMD 5 (6ohm) or Kef 3005SE Satellite speakers, both of which I already own.


However Im also concerned that I might damage my speakers so Im leaning towards the teac which has more power.


What are your thoughts? 

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Well, the VX1 is not going to damage your speakers unless you drive it to clipping, and you could still damage your speakers with the Teac the same way. Besides, you ought to be able to tell when your speakers are distorting, or you are aren't ready to own good speakers and amps. LOL smily_headphones1.gif

I would bet on the B&O Icepower amp to be better than the VX1, and for the Teac to be better overall, based upon what someone I know who owns it has told me about it.

If you would like another option, Indeed has come out with a new, more powerful digital amp: http://www.ebay.com/itm/NEW-2014-Indeed-Class-D-Amp-TDA7498E-160WX2-Stereo-Amplifier-36V5A-adapter-BLK-/291074046376. Indeed is well known in the digital amp community for producing high quality stuff, and I've bought three of their amps. Indeed doesn't combine their amps with DACs and headphone amps, so you'd need to purchase that separately.
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@ cel4145, thanks for the input, the Indeed looks impressive @ 160wx2. What Dac do you suggest would pair well with it? I notice the Indeed does not come with a headphone amp which I would like to have.


Definitely would not be playing them at distortion level, so guess I should be ok with either. I just cant seem to get my head around what would clip and what would not. Ive read at forums that the tripath amps like the one in the VX1 have grossly overstated RMS outputs. Ive also read that the Mirage's are power hungry and need a minimum of 10w per channel to sound good.


But SQ wise wonder how much of a difference would one notice between the two Dac/Amps


Topping VX 1 for $110 vs the Teac AH -01 for $300.


On one hand Id love to just go with the Topping VX1 and on the other I feel I should not skimp and just go with the Teac because the specs look better. Plus the Teac quality wise seems to be the better one.

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I don't think the t-amps have grossly overrated RMS specs. I think they are honest; they just rate them at 10% THD, which means you've reached their limits at that kind of distortion rate, whereas other amps, generally provide RMS ratings where they distortion limits are much lower and there is still headroom. Would kind of be nice if other amps would provide that 10% kind of rating as well smily_headphones1.gif

Now if you want the best deal for a lot of power for your speakers, and you have the room for it, this Denon 1513 for $99 will be dollar for dollar more powerful than any small-sized t-amp/digital amp, not to mention it can be used for a 5.1 audio setup and has bass management for integrating a sub.

Anyway, the Indeed can be combined with different headphone amp/dacs. It's a separate amp, so that's the advantage is that you can choose what you want for the other components if that suits your needs. For instance the Audioengine D1 or the Tube Magic D1 Plus. Both of those have pre-amps with volume controls so you could could control the sound output for the speakers and headphones in one place. I think the Audioquest Dragonfly has a line out setting (verify that), so you could unplug headphones from it, change a setting, and then hook up the Indeed. I have the smaller Indeed TA2021 t-amp hooked up to the Tube Magic in one room in my house, and I have used one with my ODAC and Schiit Asgard 2 in my main computer desktop setup. So sort of depends on what you are looking to do, and if you want the flexibility to choose the DAC and headphone amp you want vs. the all-in-one approach.
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Cel4145, I think at this point my options are limited. Id rather have an all in one unit, Headphone / Desktop Amp + Dac Combo in one compact unit. Besides even if I go the separate / Indeed way I'd still end up spending $300 and I think I still would not have an headphone out.


I already have AV receivers like the Onkyo 3009 NR and a Yamaha V2700 in 2 different rooms. Unfortunately I spend way more time in front of my computer listening to music and hence the need for a compact desktop amp. Larger units would not serve my need.


I would listen to music at moderate volumes in front of my computer. I have my Av receivers if I really want to feel the bass! The DAC + Desktop Amp would make my compressed audio and pandora sound a whole lot better than what comes out of my crappy Dell speakers. I have speakers lying around that I could put to use on my desktop.


I currently have a modded Sennheiser HD558 + the Creative xiFi GO Pro USB sound card for my listening pleasure so Im hoping either the VX1 or the Teac AH 01 would beat my current setup.


At this point my budget would cap at $300 ie: Teac Ah01, unless there is a significantly better option at a higher price. Or I can save some money and get the VX1. Im just trying to see if there is a justification to spend $180 more on the Teac for my need: - moderate volumes without hurting my speakers.



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I found that the Indeed TA2021 t-amp could hit 100db from 3 feet away with pink noise and my speakers which are 90db sensitivity (I used an SPL meter). Since I don't usually listen even at 90db, I find it gives me plenty of volume with necessary headroom. Any of the same chipset t-amps will perform about the same in max volume as long as they have the heavier duty PSUs that Topping and Indeed use (which is why the cheap Lepai doesn't perform quite as well). Not sure about the chipset in the VX1.

Since Amazon's RMA process is very painless as long as you are not using their 3rd party vendors that do their own shipping, I'd say order the VX1 and see how it performs for you. Shouldn't cost more than $10 to $15 to ship it back if you don't like it.
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cel4145, if I was still in the US I would not have hesitated picking it up from amazon and then returning it like you suggested. But since I am outside the country and having a relative bring it down for me, I have to make my mind up reading reviews, opinions and specs. I don't have the luxury of putting it through a trial.


Having said that the Teac ah 01 is now on sale for at accessories for less @ $249 + free shipping this makes it even more tempting!!! Ugghhh.


Plus since I would be using this outside the US the QC of the unit is also important to me, my unit needs to make it back stateside to claim a warranty and hence my hesitation with the Topping VX1 and Im hoping the Teac might fare better on the QC front.


Decisions decisions decisions don't know what to do. cel4145, I appreciate you taking the time to respond to my questions.

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I'm glad to help smily_headphones1.gif

The Teac is definitely going to have more power, it has remote control, it has a subwoofer output connection, and multiple digital and analog inputs. So for $250, you would get something that can be repurposed later on for other uses. If you can't return what you get, I'd probably go with it.
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cel4145, I pulled the trigger, went with the Teac Ah01 Black and feeling pretty good about the decision.


Hope it lives up to my expectations.


Im surprised the Teac AH01 gets no love on these forums or for that matter anywhere except Cnet!

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the headphone ampm in the ah01 is very weak, it could barely drive my akg k712s I needed to have the volume at 100 percent and it still wasn't loud enough for some songs (comparing to my 02)

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