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I'm looking for a new pair of earpads for my K545's because the stock ones are way too darn shallow (20mm). Anyone know an earpad that would fit this size and is thicker. My main problem with these cans is that my ears end up touching the drivers which can be pretty uncomfortable for long periods of time. I've heard the HM5's work but thats about it. Looking on amazon i found a velour BT800 earpad that looks nice and might be the right size, but i dont know on the measurements of it. If possible can someone get me the measurements of their BT800's if you have them (I havent had much luck finding measurements online), or any suggustions of pads that would fit.  Thanks :)


AKG K545 - Circular Earpads Measurements 



Inner Diameter (Of Pad) - 74mm

Inner Diameter - 85mm

Outer Diameter (Of headphone) - 86mm

Outer Diameter (Of the pad itself) - 90mm 

Thickness - 20mm