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My name is John,

I live in a small, quite nice with a good rugby team, country called Wales.


I'm not what you would call an expert on sound, (and I do appreciate this forum more or less is dedicated to head/ear phones and similar).


My current systems at the moment are.


7.1 surround sound speaker package, Wharfedale package, Optima projector, Sony 7.1 amp.


I own a set of Goldring NS-1000 ear phones, which I enjoy.


I also have, by way of a Christmas present a Bose soundlink 2.


Out of all my different systems, my Bose gives me considerable dis-pleasure, I cannot give you the technical terms of why I least enjoy it, but having listened too music for many many years, I feel its not right.


I'm not really interested  in why the Bose sounds a little off, I have read some of the Bose postings..... and a good read they were.


I'm more interested in buying a Bluetooth speaker for my fair sized caravan, to my disappointment the Bose just won't do.


So, if there is anyone out there that maybe of some help, please advise, and for that I give thanks.