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Advice on 1st good set of headphones, Bose QC15, Audio Technica?

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Hi everyone.  I have finally decided to treat myself to a quality set of headphones.  I have been doing quite a bit of reading lately which has lead me to the Bose QC15.  I also read great things about Audio Technica's ATH-M50.  I realize they aren't noise cancelling so have also been looking at AT's ATH-ANC7B as a comparison to the QC15s but am not sure how Audio Technica's noise cancelling compare.  They have quite a variety of NC models to choose from.


A little background on me is I am a commercial pilot who travels quite a bit.  I've used noise cancelling aviation headsets from Bose and David Clark and can certainly appreciate the difference they make, especially in some of the planes I fly.  The type of music I listen to is rock/alternative.


I have to admit that seeing Monster's DNA headphones on sale for $100 at Best Buy is what prompted this whole new headphone search.  It didn't take long for me to realize that I didn't want to buy the DNAs or any Monster or Beats headphones I tried.  I have also been considering Sennheiser and welcome any input on other brands or ones I have mentioned above.  The huge choice is a bit overwhelming but I keep coming back to Bose.  Thanks for any replies.  Cheers :)

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Are you looking for active NC or Passive NC.(I assume you know the difference being a pilot). A good set of closed HP's could classify as NC. If however, they will be in a noisy environment, you might wish to look at Active NC.  I suggest you do a search of NC HP's here in the threads. Be sure to spell out what you are looking for. (No acronym) Or, start a new thread as "Good Noise Canceling HP??". That way you avoid anyone not responding because you mentioned a particular brand or Model they do not like in the title. I love my ATH-M50's but some think they are way over rated and Bose HP's don't seem to appear in the threads up here often. Lot's of good people here with lot's of valuable experience. Don't give up. Just change your tactics. Welcome aboard and enjoy!

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Thank you for the reply. I am leaning towards active noise cancelling headphones because of the travelling I do but haven't decided for sure. I am finding the amount of choices overwhelming so not sure where to spend my hard earned money. I only mentioned Bose and Audio Technica because the QC15 and ATH-M50 models keep popping up as good headphones during my research. I will possibly start another thread on here and do some searching. Thank you for your time.
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Hiya, if you are looking for a headphone with good sound quality and active noise cancelling, forget about bose.

Other options could be

Sennheiser pxc 450

AKG NC 490 and 495

Sony MDR-1RNC and MDR-10RNC




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Thank you for the listed options.  I checked into them and ruled out the PXC450 because of the price and size, MDR-1NC because of the price, and both AKGs because I want over the ear headphones and they are on ear.  The Sony MDR-10RNCmodel is on sale for $135 at Best Buy and Future Shop (Canada) which is a great deal because regular price is $270.  Unfortunately they are sold out at both spots and online reviews have said nothing can beat the QC15s when it comes to active noise cancelling.  I am looking for headphones that will block all the noise while flying and its looking like Bose is number one in this department, even if others might have better performance when listening to music.  I also want to use the headphones while trying to get some rest in my hotel room in the middle of the afternoon.  I fly spray missions very early in the morning (3:00am-8:00am) and in the evening (5:00pm-10:00pm) so have to rest in the afternoon between missions.  Unfortunately, the hotels can be loud with vacuums in the hallways and even construction and lawnmowers outside.  I'm thinking the Bose QC15s will be best for this so I am about to pull the trigger and order the limited edition slate/brown model for $296.99 Canadian which is $33 off (not a big savings but at least its something).  I have until tomorrow before the sale ends.  Another option is to wait until the end of the month when I might be going to Florida.  Do they sell for less in the US?  Thanks again for any reply.  Cheers.

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Just ordered  the Bose QC15s.  I am hoping my company updates the headsets in my plane with the Bose A20 aviation headsets.

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I think that you have made the right decision. It is hard to beat bose when it comes to active noise cancelling.

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I recieved my limited edition Bose QC15s and am impressed so far.  I can tell that they are well made and I love the black/brown/silver color combo.  The case is great and the headphones are very comfortable.  I will be using them during a flight from Manitoba to Florida so will really be able to test the active noise cancelling.  The only thing I would change so far on these headphones would be to have the option of listening to music without the noise cancelling.  I've used the Bose A20 and David Clark X11 aviation headsets with and without the noise cancelling in planes and hitting the button to turn the NC on makes a remarkable difference.

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