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Hey all, 


For the last 5 years I've mainly been using my recycled smartphones as MP3 players.


Samsung Blackjack

Samsung Epix

Blackberry Torch 2


My Blackberry Torch 2 has been used as my mp3 player since I got my Samsung Note 2 last February. It's almost on it's way out so I'm in the market for a new mp3 player.

My needs are simple. I've eliminated wires from my music. I have high bit rate 320cbr or 256VBR. Eventually my entire music library will be completely FLAC. 


I installed a Pioneer Navigation In-Dash in my car specifically for bluetooth audio. For years I'd been using cassette to mp3 adapters but not anymore especially since the headphone jack on my Torch 2 is dead.


Same for headphones, I got tired of wired headphones when working out. Putting them in my pocket and accidentally tugging them too hard and ripping the cord. I'm all bluetooth headphone for workout and everything else. Currently using Motorola S11-HD after using S9's for years.


I also purchased Sony soundbars for bluetooth streaming. It was a perfect gift for my dad for Christmas last year, an IPOD to have all of his music in one place instead of 20+ CD's, AND a soundbar that sounds better than any stereo system he's ever had. The fact he could control it with his IPAD while walking around or sitting at a table just made things better


With that being said, I'm in need of a new MP3 player with Bluetooth capabilities.


I was interested in the Samsung Galaxy Player series, but those have been discontinued and the model from a year ago may not hold up with newer apps in a year or so.


I've always been against buying IPOD's as far back as 10 years ago. My first mp3 player was a MPIO FL-100 which was beautiful for it's time. 


The new Sony Walkman looks great but I don't know when it'll be available and I need something sooner than later.


The Ipod Touch latest gen looks intriguing. 


Is there a huge difference in audio quality when streaming bluetooth audio (assuming each device has latest bluetooth version)? I've tested my music in the car and on the soundbar. I've played music via BT Aud from my Note 2 to my headphones/car bluetooth/soundbar and it sounds exactly the same as my Blackberry Torch 2 in the same conditions.


I know there's difference in quality when you start plugging in headphones/aux but as I said earlier I'm wire free now and my biggest concern is bluetooth audio. I was going to pull the trigger on a new Ipod Touch but wasn't sure what the sound quality would be via bluetooth streaming. Any insight?