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Sennheiser Momentum questions

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I have already searched through 10 pages of threads, and I think that it is safe to say that my question isn't addressed.

I am a recent owner of the Momentum, but i returned it the day I bought it after various tests. I have notice that the low bass of this headphone is very weak(not very punchy).So my question is, is this the same for you ? And if you're answer is "no", do you think burning-in the Momentum would make a difference? By all means, the ratings definitely proves the momentum to be one of the good headphones.But, I think that i judged too quickly, and I really want to give the momentum's a 2nd go.


*This is the over-ear version in case you are wondering

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The momentum's bass is not the quickest and therefore exhibits a soft and laid back presentation. Burn in really won't change this characteristic because it's the nature of the momentum's speaker tuning. The momentum is a mellow sounding and engaging listen. If you want more snap or Prat, try the Amperiors or M-100. 
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Do you know of any other closed and over-the-ear headphones that are decent for on the go and meet my needs?
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no burn in will not drastically change the sound signature. you should listen to a pair of headphones for about 1-2 weeks before deciding whether they are right for you as your brain gets used to the sound. often times we just notice the change in the sound signature that we are not used to & think we dislike it, so it is usually wise to give it some time.


if you are looking for amazing bass for closed/portable, you should go look at the V-Moda M100. Another option is the Ultrasone Pro 900. 

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First time I listened to my Momentums I was really dissapointed. But either the sound changed or I got used to them, cause now I love them.

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Do you know of any other closed and over-the-ear headphones that are decent for on the go and meet my needs?

HD 25. Fabulous headphones. Really punchy bass, superb clarity and soundstage. Robust build. I use the HD 25 Originals they look pretty cool too.

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