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Hey guys, this is my first post!


I've only ever used Apple earbuds and a Sennheiser CX300II that I received as a gift about 2 years ago. While the CX300II is serving me well, I've been thinking of getting an upgrade for a while and chanced upon this forum after looking for headphones. I actually got the ATH-M50S for under $100 and have been trying it out for about four days. I didn't expect a major improvement but there seems to be hardly any at all that I could detect. I'm planning on giving it a few more days before I decide to return it or not. A major con is that the ATH-M50S starts to feel uncomfortable after a few hours as some reviews have mentioned but that can be worked with. 

I tend to listen to most types of music but I usually find myself listening to pop/rock/alternative. A strong bass isn't necessary but I liked it on my CX300II. I think clear mids/vocals are more important to me.


My questions is are:


Will the ATH-M50 start to sound better after a few more days of listening/burn in? If not, what other headphones under $100 are worth mentioning? (closed back is preferred since I have a roommate so sound isolation is a plus.)


Are there any IEMs (the CX300II counts right?) worth mentioning below $100? It's because I've had good experience with the CX300II and like how free the ear feels.