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2 Flagships

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If you could pick two flagships that can be had used for $2000 or less i.e. any combo of the HD800, T1, LCD-2, HE-6, or HE-500 that have complementing sound signatures (in this case opposite ish for some variety) which 2 would you pick?

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If I could afford any flagship, I wouldn't be limited to only 2.

But to answer your question, I think the differences become smaller the higher you go in price. You just aren't going to hear vast differences like you do at the lower price points. At least that's been my experience from the short listens I have had of the LCD-2, LCD-3, Abyss, TH900, HD800, Stax, etc. Do they sound different? Yes. Do they all sound great? Yes. The folks who live in Summit-Fi would probably disagree with me, but I could live quite well with any of them... smily_headphones1.gif
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Ultrasone ED12s and an Audio Technica woodie. I haven't heard the second but I've always wanted to. The ED12s I prefer over the HE-6, and judging Senn and Beyer on their HD700 and T90 I don't have much interest in their flagship models.
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In my case HE-6 and closed-back alternative maybe W3000ANV

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To my humble ears W3000ANV are overrated... I see HE-500/LCD2 & HD800/T1 very complementary

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Originally Posted by cocolinho View Post

To my humble ears W3000ANV are overrated... I see HE-500/LCD2 & HD800/T1 very complementary


The W3000ANV look the best though. Agree?


If I had the money I'll have this headphone for decorative purposes in my room (the odd occasional listen would be allowed).

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yes they are!

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If I were to have two flagships then one will have to be a closed back. And I mean properly closed back, ideally portable. 


My T1's and T5p's actually act and fulfill that duo role quite well. The T1's a nice open headphone and the T5p's a great open sounding heavily isolating closed back. Both headphones are not that amp picky and their sound signature complement each other well (though not in an opposite'ish kind of way). For more variety then I replace the T5p's with the ultrasone sig pro's.


I won't recommend the T5p's to anyone though as I've owned these before and they sounded awful compared to the ones I have now. Bad quality control, or most likely different versions (latest ones have a serial number over 10,000 - these I have and they sound much more close to the level of other £1k audiophile headphones).  

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Grab HD800 & LCD-2.

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