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Need T-amp advice for bookshelf speakers

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I just moved and currently have no speakers.

I am a bit disappointment by computer audio so have decided to try something different.

I'm located in London, England and trying to keep things around £50 (the price of a pair of Edifier Studio R1600T Plus)

I have been reading about a T-amp + bookshelf speaker pairing for a while and am looking for advice.

My goal is to get something that will sound better than the Edifier for a similar price.


My plan is to pick up speakers locally off of gum try and buy a t-amp off of either amazon or ebay.

If anyone is selling a t-amp in the UK let me know.


As far as speakers available in London and Reading these are my choices:

Denon SC-M50 for £35
Technics Sb-HD81 for £22
Technics Sb-CH510A. for £10
Sony SS-E30 for £25
TEAC LS-X8 MK2 £30


This leaves me a few choices for T-amps:


Lepai TA2020+ (with a 6a 12v adapter)

MUSE i15w TA2024

MUSE M20 EX2 TA2020



I've very confused about T-amps what to look (LP2020A+, TA2020, TA2020+, TA2020A, TA2020A+) for and what speakers they can be paired with.

I don't mind doing my research, point me in the right direction.

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There`s plenty of information for T-amps, whatever you buy, you cant go wrong,

the best deal is the Lepai, if you want more built quality get smth more expensive, 

the 2020 chip is the best sounding I think,

I have a Topping, but I didn`t get it cheap..


as for the bookshelves, I would recommend used gear, 

It should be plenty of used british made, B&W, Kef, Mordaunt Short, Quad etc, in London,

you cannot beat them with cheap new speakers, 

check for speakers sensibility as T-amps cannot drive effortlessly  all speakers, 

though they can put a lot of dB, some distort at high volumes..

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You could also just (atleast thats what I did) buy a 80s - 90s amplifier (phillips FA 900s series are very good, I also use it as a headphone amp) and some second hand bookshelf speakers, it costs $100 and in my case it almost beats my parents $700 phillips 5.1 home cinema system (it will when I buy a subwoofer biggrin.gif)
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Really like my pioneer bookshelfs (Andrew Jones).  Very inexpensive and excellent sounding.  I have the older series with the non-removable metal grills, but I've heard nothing but good things about the new ones as well.  By far best speakers in the price range.

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