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Looking for an all-round headphone

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Right now, my budget on headphones would be $200 or less and I have these 4 headphones in mind, the Audio Technica ATH-M50 , Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro, Shure SRH840  and the Senheiser HD558. I listen to mostly all kinda of music except for dubstep/techno, but I still want to hear the low-mid bass too. Since, i'm still new here, I would like some opinions or even recommendations that matches my criteria. 

Price List of these 4 headphones:




There are more headphones that are on sale on ncix (Canada), but I'm not sure if those are good.


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I would ask what it is you've heard about these headphones that makes you consider them? Have you had a chance to audition any of them? Or other headphones? What did you or did you not like about the various headphones you've heard?

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 I have never audition these headphones, but i have read good reviews for all of them. The past headphones i have used are the siberia v2, and sennheiser momentum. However, i returned the momentum because it was lacking the lows, but the mid and highs are really clear.

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Are you only considering closed headphones?  I currently own the Custom One Pros.  They are a very fun headphone that sounds well with all sorts of music types.  I just went from electronic music to Rush and they sound nice with both.  They are also very easy to drive.  Their build construction is excellent and you can customize them if you so desire.  They aren't perfect, but they fit the bill for a closed set that can be listened to on the go.  I recently bought the DT990 Pros which are an open design.  These are a step up from the Custom One Pros, but are more difficult to drive.  They are also more comfortable.  Thus far I enjoy their sound signature but they will magnify any poor recordings.

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Im looking for either open or closed headphones 

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Consider the DT990 Pro if you have an amp.  I got mine for $150 new.

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add soundmagic hp100 

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what are some good closed-headphones?

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Your list was a good start.  I haven't heard them, but I'd also include the DT770s.

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I recently got AKG K550s for $180 on NCIX in Canada. They are good.

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Originally Posted by seag33k View Post

Your list was a good start.  I haven't heard them, but I'd also include the DT770s.

I own the 250 ohm pros and they have a nice signature with lots of sub bass but not overdoing it like some headphones. But the 250 ohm ones really need an amp. OTOH the 32ohm versions are $100 more on amazon.


OP should definitely consider them.

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You might like the Grado SR-80i's and will have some money left over for music. They are nice phones many here have had theirs for years.
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I am not sure what is it that makes you feel that the Sennheiser Momentum is lacking bass as I find it pretty bassy. If you wish to have more bass than the Momentum, then all of the above mentioned headphones except for the COP and DT770 which I am not certain how it sound, will not suit your taste. Additionally, most open headphones may not provide the bass you wanted either. For closed headphones, the only headphones that I find it worth considering for you is the Denon AH-D600 or/and AH-D400 may suit you in terms of taste but not sure about the price though.


Hope it helps,

Billson :)


Happy new year!

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Do you know of any other closed and over-the-ear headphones that are decent for on the go and meet my needs?


I just realized I like quick and punchy bass.

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Can't go wrong with the COP's adjustable bass and fun sound. For a more clinical sound and still great bass the dt770's are awesome too.

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