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For Sale or Trade:
Sansa Fuze V2 + LOD w/ Silmic II caps

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Have a Fuze V2 rockboxed

LOD w/ Silmic II caps


The Fuze is a refurb and not in the greatest shape.  Thats why I have a silicone case on it so you can't see the scratches.

The Rockbox version is one with a "patch" to run the lineout.  


Never had a problem with the LOD or the Rockbox. The Fuze did lock up once but it just had to drain the battery after a couple days to reset it.  Other than that it's been rock solid.  


Paired amazingly with the pico slim and Ibasso T3D.


The lod has a right angle to keep size to a minimum.


Fiio E11 will be a good fit but I never tried it with the fuze and lod.




I really don't know what I'm looking for but open to anything really.