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For Sale:
Centrance DacPort--As new with 1ohm Mod--USB Wire included--NO fees

Will Ship To: USA

Got a Vahli and love it, so switched to a DAC only unit. Since the Amp Section of the Dacport is going unused it should go to another head-fier.



This Dacport is all but new. It had the common volume pot issue so I had it fixed by Centrance (they upgrade a component inside to avoid future problems) and they also did the 1 Ohm mod. Only used sparingly since and only as a DAC. I have the original packing box, dacport box and documents. 


I will also include a Ziotec USB to Micro wire for use with the Dacport. 


Price includes shipping fees etc if you can do paypal gift. 


I can send pics on request, but I think we all know what it looks like and this one is mint. 


Happy to negotiate, trade, or local meet up in LA.  




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