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I have been looking for an organized storage solution for my growing collection of In-ear/earphones. I have the pouches, but I wanted something a little more substantial and this year, on Christmas eve, I found something that I think will work. It's not finished, but I think it's going to work great.


The small boxes are 0.07 litre boxes from Really Useful Boxes in the UK. But they are available (at least at mine) at Staples. I picked them up for .99 cents each and opted for the clear. They also had opaque grey and black in this size. I think more colors are available from their website.


The idea was to have an air/watertight container similar to a pelican case that these smaller boxes would fit into, so that when I leave the house, I can either grab the whole collection, or open up the larger case and grab one or two pairs each in their own smaller box. I also purchased small ziplock bags to store the eartips, you can pick a up a package of a million of these small ziplock bags for a dollar at a decent dollar store. Then, using my vinyl cutter, I cut the logos to fit the lid of each box. I am contemplating also adding the model number on the sides. Then, another dollar store find, I picked up a Betty Crocker storage container with an airtight lid (also 1.00). Since discovering the Really Useful Box website, I am planning to purchase a better outer container that properly fits all the smaller boxes in either a flat or 2-high configuration. I just have to figure out which of their products will do the trick. I'm also considering some low-cost cord wrap that will fit in these boxes. Anyway, It's not for everyone, but for me, it does the trick and allows me to conveniently travel with one piece or my entire collection at once.