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For Sale: FS: AMB/Cavalli CKKIII - 220V

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For Sale:
FS: AMB/Cavalli CKKIII - 220V

Will Ship To: Anywhere

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Did you build this amp, and if so would you be willing to do a voltage conversion for the US?

How do you think this amp would pair with the Fostex TH600?

Is this the same amp you put up for sale in 2010? If so, why didn't it sell?

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Double post
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Hello, Mangler

No, I didn't built it. It was built by a diyer called MrMajestic2, in Sweden, for me. I did sell the amp to a friend, because I was mainly using electrostats.
Lately, I repurchased it a few months ago, because I sold my electrostatic gear to buy high end speakers. I have had a local technician replace a transistor and give the CKKIII a thorough checkup, so basically it is better now than it was built. The technician is extremely skilled, it is the same person who performed me the SRM-727A mods (feedback and transistor modifications).

I think it would sound great with those Fostex. Thing is, I would prefer to sell it like it is without having it rewired, both because of cost and time reasons. smily_headphones1.gif
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Ok smily_headphones1.gif Good luck with the sale and let me know if you change your mind smily_headphones1.gif
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This amp is exceptional value for the money. I am only letting it go because I am having an epic diy "tower" amplifier built, which has a high end preamp, a Hiraga LeMonstre for orthos-dynamics, and a Megatron on top of all for stats.

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