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Wanted: WTB an affordable, low profile iPod LOD!

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$25 (USD) or Best Offer
send a PM to take the next step.

WTB an affordable, low profile iPod LOD!

Will Ship To: Anywhere

If you have one, and don't use it anymore, I'd like to buy it. Would be nice to find one in EU to reduce the shipping time/cost. I live in Hungary.

(I know the fiio l9 is extremely cheap, but the jack plug is too tiny, easily comes out from my amp. The DIY plugs are "fatter".)

Please PM me!

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Many inexpensive iPod LOD on eBay will ship to EU. 



I am using Fiio L11 so you can use your own mini to mini plug (or mini to RCA) and also USB charge at same time.

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Good Luck...

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Thank you, but i'd like to buy a low profile, short lod cable, with L shape jack plug. Now, I have a pretty good non low profile lod, just would be more comfortable a smaller one in pocket. This L11 is also too big, and It would be hard to find a suitable mini to mini cable.

I found some nice lod on ebay, starts at 60 usd, but i don't want to spend more than 30-35 usd. It matters to me.

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