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I just got a fast gpu a year months ago, an AMD HD7850 and it makes a lot of noise, lots of electrical chirping in the headphones and sometimes it has coil whine even in the real world. It could also be my PSU which is getting older, and the fact that I bought another HDD.

To be honest every component in my PC started making noise as of late,my network cable makes noise in the headphones while downloading at 100mbps, my HDDs make noise when they're working hard, my CPU makes noise when it's processing something and my GPU looks like is making the most noise. Sometimes it gets unbearable, it's extremely annoying.

And oddly enough the sound doesn't get louder If I raise the volume, neither does it disappear when I turn the volume down to 0.


What can I do to isolate this noise from my headphones?


Should I buy one of those external sound cards? is there a decent external sound card that is cheaper than 50$? my country adds lots of taxes so they're pretty expensive, i just want something that will stop this interference, I have headphones with a low impedance (32ohm) so I don't need one that has an amp too. Just an external sound card under 50$, as cheap as possible, being at least as good as a motherboard sound chip like realtek ALC889.


I don't think any software solution would work. Tinkered with my BIOS, tried to turn on options that make the motherboard reduced some EM noise, nothing works unfortunately.