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HD650, HD700, or HE500

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Need help deciding between the three.  I have been able to listen to the Senns, but not the HiFiman.  I can get the HD700 and HE500 for similar price with the HD650s about 150 cheaper.  Problem is that I am only able to listen to them for short periods of time in a store with their amp (Peachtree Audio decco65).  I am interested in hearing what you all might choose and why.  


I am no audiophile, but definitely like good sounding music.  It seems to me it would take hours with each can to truly decipher which I like best as I enjoyed both of the Senns though they clearly sounded different.  I do have a Schiit Magni on the way as my initial plan was to get the 650s and upgrade to Bottlehead Crack in 6 months to a year.  Below is my sparse pros, cons list of each.  Please help me add to either column.


FWIW, I listen to mostly folk/rock, pop/rock, acoustic, country, with most other genres thrown in (except rap).  Currently have HD590 and Ety ER-4P.








-Ears became hot

-Harder to drive




-Even more comfortable

-Easier to drive







-well reviewed by many


-weight, comfort?


-haven't been able to see/hear them in person


Thank you for any input


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The HE 500 is the clear winner among these cans.  Read more about each of them is this excellent piece:

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+1 for HE-500 in sound overall. In my opinion HD700 is just slightly better than HD600/650 so they are bit too expensive. Anyway there is not more price difference between HD650 and HD700/HE-500 than $150 in US?

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