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My current system consists of:


Music Streamer II

Straight Wire Encore II interconnect

Headroom Little base amp

Grado SR225


I purchased the Music Streamer II a few months ago. I'm very happy with the improvements it brought to my system. It really took a lot of metallic edge off of digital recordings. The amp and headphones I have had for close to 12 years. Recently I have been itching to upgrade either the amp or headphones. I have driven myself crazy searching the interweb for various options. Currently, there are a few headphones that have massive price cuts and seem like fantastic deal. The models I'm considering are:


Beyerdynamic  DT-880 ($196)

AKG Q701 ($199)

Sennheiser HD 598 ($187)


I listen to mostly rock and progressive rock/metal. For example Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin,Tool, Porcupine Tree,Yes, and Rush.


 I enjoy my 225's and do not find them overly bright or fatiguing as many people do. The only problems I have with them are that I cant wear them for more than a couple of hours without burning my ears and with some recordings they are a little too sibilant . I also find the soundstage a bit narrow. Right now I'm leaning towards the DT-880. From what I have read they have a livelier sound somewhat like the Grado and are extremely comfortable. Before I bought the 225's I had a set of Sennheiser 580's. I found them to be too dark and lifeless. It makes me leary of the Sennheiser's. I have read great things about the 598's though. The Q701's are supposed to be smoother than the BT-880 but I'm afraid they will be too smooth for the music I listen to.


 I would like to avoid making a lateral move and have been going back and forth whether I should purchase new headphones at all. Another option I have been considering is holding onto the 225's and getting a Little Dot 1+. I have read fantastic thing about the synergy between the two.


Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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