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Looking for decent headphones under £150.

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Hey guys, I've been researching headphones for a week now, but i'm still not sure what to get, i'll be using them mainly for my PC using 320kbps files and some flac\wav files too.  I've narrowed my choices down to about 5 different headphones which are:

1. ATH-M50 (Graphite-Silver) £108

2. MDR-1R £169

3. Sennheiser momentum on ear (though i really would prefer over ear) £152

4. Logitech UE6000 £79

5. Beyer DT770 80 ohms £129


Now from this list the UE6000's are obvioulsy the cheapest though price is not a big deal, i just want the best headphones for the price, it seems the UE's are better than the M50's from my research which is surprising given the price difference.


I'm just looking for a good pointer on which ones to go for because it's almost impossible to decide haha.

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What sound signature do you prefer?

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I'm not so clued up on signatures, I believe theres V and neutral (They are the ones I know). I just want clarity and good soundstage, I don't care about bass that much but I want the bass to be accurate where there is bass. I listen to a lot of genres but I do like electronic and drum and bass quite a lot.
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All the cans you mentioned are closed.  Are you OK with open cans. which tend to have the best sound stage but also leak sound and isolate poorly?

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Sure isolation and sound leakage don't matter to me, I mostly listen to music on my PC.
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I'd shoot for the Audio Technica ATH-AD900X or earlier AD900.  The former can be had new in the U.S. for $200 or less.  You may not be OK with their bass, which is below that offered by bass emphasized cans like the M50 & DT 770.  See:




The UE 6000 were about $200 cans and are an excellent buy at their current (closeout?) price.  See:



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Having established you are OK with open headphones maybe these are worth a look? :

The Sonys are under budget and the Philips only a little bit over :

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You know, those look nice but availability and price is not so good here in the UK for those. I was thinking of getting the k550, just wondering does the ue6000 have better sound quality or is the k550 better?
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accessoryjack.com do a reasonable price on the ATH-AD900X but you could get stung for duty/"handling fees" etc at this end.

Here's Tyll Hertsens' views on relative merits of some of those closed back models :
Plenty of other opinions on this site am sure...

As KG Jag says, the UE 6000 at £70 in white or £79 in black looks a good deal if a full-sized closed back is what you're after.

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