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Hi there people,


I am hoping that anyone can give me some buying advice for a portable, comfortable as well as quite simple but stylish looking headphones. I want them to have good and strong bass as I listen mostly to electronic music and rap/hip hop. However, I also listen to a bit of acoustic/pop/rock/indie, so I also want to be suitable for these type of songs (they don't have to offer an amazing listening experience for these songs, but just ok-ish). I am definitely not an audiophile, but I do want to have good and strong bass. Mids and highs don't have to be amazing. 


I would also like that these headphones are simple looking (I prefer the colour black) and are good for on the move. I would like to take them to school sometimes as well as on the train, airplanes and in my own home. 


NOTE: I don't have the smallest head. Not an enormous head, but maybe a bit above average.


I was looking at the audio-technica ath-m50,  but I don't really like the looks of them and they don't seem very portable. 


So basically, I want to buy an audio-technica ath-m50 alternative in the price range of €100 to €200 that are comfortable, portable, simple looking, have good bass and are suitable for people with a slightly above average sized head. They don't have to be extremely noise cancelling, but if they block out some ambient noise that would be nice.


I know I am demanding quite a bit, but I hope you guys can suggest me a headphone that comes quite close to these demands ;)


Thanks and best regards,