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Dunno if it can be put much simpler than Purple Angel stated: Plug all your source devices into the HDMI inputs on your Yamaha receiver. Connect one HDMI cable to your Yamaha HDMI Out and connect the other end to an HDMI input on your TV. Every device will now run through the AVR with surround sound assuming source is outputting surround. Select source via the AVR. As PA said youmight have to tinker with a couple settings on the laptop.


I don't quite understand what you're saying about TV. If you're going coax from wall to TV you should get sound through your TV speakers, obviously nothing from your surround since there is no connection. It's worth a shot to run optical from your TV to your Yamaha to see if it is passing through a surround signal since technically coax to back of TV doesn't meet the definition of being plugged into an HDMI input and thus limited to two channel as indicated above. If that doesn't work converting the RF Coax to something that gives you surround is going to be more involved. Ideally you would have a cable box that outputs HDMI or at least has digital coax so you can connect to your AVR.

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Ok i understand now.

All sources shd go thru av receiver. Gt it.

Thank u so much
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Enjoy your setup philonewbie! Come back if you need help and do try the optical cable from TV to AVR for your TV watching if you want surround. It seems as if it might work not being an HDMI connection.

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It worked! It worked!
Optical cable is the one that did the trick. Hurray.

Thank u guys. Its all because of ur help.
Hurray! Am so happy.
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Awesome news! Don't forget to leave your room occasionally for food and personal hygiene!

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lol...i ll keep that in mind....

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